Design of Solar Powered Remote Environment Monitoring System for Industry and Landfill Sites using of Wireless Sensor Networks

Dr.G.N Kodanda Ramaiah, Santosh. B.Panjagal


The primary causes of the climate change and global warming on the earth are the greenhouse gases, which are produced as a result of industrial processes, burning fossil fuels, Landfill sites and rice cultivation etc. The impacts of these greenhouse gases on the environment are more troublesome to the living beings. The main theme of this project is to design of solar powered wireless sensor nodes and a monitoring system to measure the concentration levels of different greenhouse gases at the industry and the landfill sites by deploying multiple wireless sensor nodes. And also the major part lies in to monitor the leachate, a toxic liquid released at the landfill sites. The wireless sensor nodes with different gas sensor array, temperature sensor and leachate detection sensor are deployed all around the industry and landfill sites. The main system is built around the MSP430 & Embedded Wi-Fi, which processes the concentration level of greenhouse gases information received from the different wireless sensor nodes and monitors conditions around the industry and landfill sites. The processed information is sent to the corresponding corporations for storage and interpretation of the data. And even the system is designed for open access by any end user, who wants to know the condition around those sites, by real-time mobile & system applications.

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