Study the Relationship between Knowledge Management and Empowering Human Capital by Organizational Productivity

Mohammad Vahedi, Maryam Balouyee


Today’s organizations need to move effectively towards knowledge sources, and this globalization and competition has made knowledge as the most valuable strategic resource. Employees can work well when they have the skills, knowledge and abilities they need to know about the goals of organization, and management has come to the conclusion that they should empower employees. Importance of human resources is no secret to everyone and organizations to survive in a complex and challenging environment needs capable and creative staffing. Empowerment and human resource development is a management approach the relationship between knowledge management and human resource management and be involved in the decisions what is important barriers to empowerment and negative aspects of empowerment. And this importance, may be made only in the realm of strategic human resource management programs. .An employee has the potential that helps them to empower the realization .Managers should use to improve the level of empowerment and poor employee skills development and better use of organizational resources to achieve organizational goals. This paper aims to address the issue of empowering human resources, benefits, barriers and expressed the requirements and guidelines principles and the process of empowerment is.

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