Strengthening By Rehabilitation of Cracked Rc Slabs Using Different Frp Sheets Under Impact Loading

Nitin Sonker


Today in the civil engineering construction industry, numbers of buildings are constructed to withstand the impact and blast load due to increased terror attack. Present concrete structures designed without consideration of impact load can be vulnerable.  This Structure cannot be demolished and re constructed again since it is uneconomical. Hence the best way is to rehabilitate the structure which is damaged. In this study 10 slabs of size 600mm x 600mm x 60mm of grade M20  were  cast. Two slabs were cast as control specimen and were subjected to impact loading till its failure. Remaining slabs were subjected to impact loading up to its first crack and were rehabilitated by wrapping with different FRP sheets. The performance of rehabilitated RCC slabs under impact loading was studied in comparison with the control slabs and the increase in Impact resistance was determined.

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