Challenges Confronting Nigeria-South Africa Relations.

Iwuchukwu, O. Hope, Abi, Derefaka


A consistent orientation of Nigeria’s foreign policy since it attained political independence is the emphasis on Africa as the centre-piece of her foreign policy which implies that Nigeria will pursue policies that strengthened the overall interest of Africa. However, the apparent altruistic nature of the attendant challenges as revealed by this paper has constrained its efforts to the accomplishments of its Afrocentric policies. This study highlights that despite changes in government, composition of the dominant class (differences in size, the nature of control established over state institutions, relations or alliances with external forces), and relative growth in material wealth of the Nigerian state, there has been a striking challenge beyond  slavery and colonialism. The paper placed emphasis on factors such as post-colonial African leadership, ethnic diversity, poor economy and xenophobia as core challenges. It further recommended that the general populace of South Africans especially the youths needs to be given an orientation and education on the role Nigeria played to liberate them from the racist enclave and, Nigeria should concern itself on how best to restore its image as the ‘giant of Africa’ in the international environment.   

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