Design of Power Efficient Rounding-Based Accurate Multiplier for High-Speed Digital Signal Processing In Xilinx



In this paper we propose a Modified rounding based accurate multiplier (MROBA) which is more accurate than the conventional multiplier (ROBA). The main concept of multiplier depends on rounding of numbers. This multiplier can be applied for both signed and unsigned numbers. Three hardware implementations are proposed in which one implementation for unsigned and two for signed operations. The accuracy of the multiplier is compared with the conventional rounding based accurate multiplier (which are in 2n ) where the modified rounding based accurate multiplier gives an exact output for the given inputs (irrespective of 2n ) and various parameters like area, power delay, error significance, pass rates are been calculated and compared with conventional multiplier where, MROBA gives better results and with the MROBA MAC unit is implemented.

Keywords— Accurate multiplier; accuracy; MAC unit

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