The Development of Indian Diaspora

Parvaiz Ahmad Bhat


‘Literature reflects life’ - this is true in the sense that a poet or writer, in composing a literary work, is very often inspired and influenced by some of his/ her own experiences and social surroundings.

India is a museum of languages and literatures and Indian writing is an experience

of its people, their culture, tradition, and the way they lead their life. The distinct quality of this literature rests on multi-lingual, multi-cultural and multi-racial. The intercourse of Indian literature with other Indian languages and dialects enriches the true essence of the treasure of fiction immensely and as the same, western cultures, literatures, traditions and aesthetics are also placing their position to withstand the role of fiction.

The contribution and combination of the two cultural traditions have made our literature an immortal piece by their expression of unified experience. And their participation makes the world know the cultural values and aspects, mode of living, etc., of people from all walks of life through the various style of writing that aim not only to make the readers feel appealing but also to make one country understand the other.

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