Chinese Traditions Folk Art, Festivals and Symbolism

Muhammad Asif, Majid Ali


China is the most populous nation in the world, with close to 1.3 billion people. The majority of Chinese people belong to the Han group (about 92%), but there are also 55 ethnic minority groups that live mostly in the west and along the southern border. Symbols may be seen in pictures, words, art, architecture, and common household items. Symbols are another way of communicating the thoughts, meanings, and hopes of a particular cultural group. Symbolism representing luck, prosperity, long life, happiness, and wealth are all important aspects in Chinese culture. Symbols representing these virtues are often seen in everyday life and appear during holidays and festivals. There are also deities that represent some of these virtues: The God of Luck, the God of Prosperity, and the God of Longevity, to name a few. Many Chinese hope to increase good fortune in their lives by surrounding themselves with items that represent these lucky signs.

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