Woman's tragedy for quest identity in Maria Irene Fornes' Mud

Waseem Hammad Khalaf, Iman El-Nour


          Mud depicts the image of woman as a victim of the socio-political system. Woman has been oppressed throughout the ages by various institutions including; religious, moral, educational institutions. This study aims at shedding light on the fact that women's' rights are violated and women are victimized in the patriarchal societies. Many individuals in the society are trying to make use of women as they are one of the vulnerable and fragile categories in the society. The play shows that Mae has been the victim of her family first and then of the society. She is raped by her own relationships with men who represent the patriarchal society. Even during the quest for Knowledge in order to get her identity she has been represented as the victim of the formal governmental institute. The protagonist of this tragedy, accept death in a spirit of acquiescent submission that is foreign to great tragedy.

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