Comparative Study of Feeding Aloe Vera, Amla and Antibiotic (Amoxicillin) On Live Weight, Fcr and Economics of Cobb-500 Broiler Chickens

Mukti Bhandari, Nirajan Bhattarai, Naba Raj Devkota


An experiment was conducted at Tulsipur, Dang from August to October with the main objective to determine cumulative final live weight and FCR including the economics of broiler chickens. Diets were iso-caloric and iso-proteinous and adequately supplemented with required vitamins and minerals. All birds were supplemented with the added proportion of Aloe vera, Amla and Antibiotics. A total of 200 Cobb-500 broiler chicks of similar body weight were procured from Chitwan and divided into four treatments (50 birds/treatment). There were a total of four treatments,eachreplicated five times. All twenty experimental units were distributed with 10 birds per unit by using Completely Randomized Design (CRD). The treatments were; Basal diet only (T1); Basal diet + 0.1% AloeVera juice (T2); Basal diet + 0.1% Amla juice (T3); and Basal diet + 0.05% Amoxicillin for 13 days (T4). Average cumulative weekly live weight, feed efficiency (FCR) and economics broiler were observed, recorded and analyzed. The results showed non-significant (P>0.05) effect of supplementation of Aloe vera, Amla and Antibiotic to average cumulative weekly live weight. However, the higher tendency of live weight (2495.42±54.94 g) was recorded in broiler fed with basal diet + 0.1% Aloe Vera juice (T2).Effects of Aloe vera, Amla and Antibiotic (Amoxicillin) didn’t have a significant effect also on the average cumulative feed consumption and feed conversion ratio (FCR). Nevertheless, net income per bird and B:C ratio (NPR29.02 and 1.068 respectively) was comparativelyhigher for T3 (Basal diet + 0.1% Amla juice). The results obtained from this experiment concluded that although effect of Aloe vera, Amla and Antibiotic (Amoxicillin) supplement didn’t have a significant difference among the treatments, but it was relatively better to supply Aloe Vera in terms of relative live weight and feed efficiencyWhereas Amla juice could be comparatively better than others in terms of net income per bird and B:C ratio. The results also concluded that supplementation of Aloe Vera juice, Amla juice could be similar to the Antibiotics and can be used in poultry to increase live weight and also for better feed efficiency instead of Antibiotics. As these juices are herbal products, It will be suitable to mitigate/minimize harmful effects and health hazard risk on poultry and Human as well.Hence, poultry growers can utilize Aloe Vera juice and Amla juice to obtainadded growth performance and economics.However, this finding requires to be established through corporeal work by considering other potentialities and scale under farmer's management condition afore recommendation.

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