Determinants of Crop Enterprise Diversification among Small Holder Farmers in Delta State, Nigeria.

Eselenjor Valentine Chinedu


The study analysed the determinants of crop enterprise diversification among smallholder crop farmers in Delta State. Specifically, it sought to ascertain the socioeconomic characteristics of respondent, the determinants of crop enterprise diversification among the smallholder crop farmers, the intensity of crop enterprise diversification, the different crop combinations, the reasons for participating in crop enterprise diversification, the likely benefits of participating in crop enterprise diversification and the constraints to crop diversification. Primary data for the study were obtained by the use of structured questionnaire administered to a cross section of 192 farming household that were randomly selected through a multi-stage sampling procedure.a three stage was used to draw samples for the study, using lottery method. The result obtained indicate that 61.3% of the farmers were females; most of the farmers have small farm size of 0.2-0.4 hectares. Test of Differences between means of Socioeconomic variables among farmers who participants in crop enterprise diversification and those who do not showed thowed that the following were significant p<0.01 age, farm size, farm income, farm experience. The result obtained from Heckman selection model reveals that age, attitude to risk, size of farm and access to credit had positive and significant effect on crop enterprise diversification while farm experience, level of education were significant at p<0.05. Results from the outcome equation, which indicates the intensity of crop diversification also revealed that farm size and farming experience were significant at p<0.05 while credit access was significant at p<0.01. It was observed that 87 respondents participated in crop enterprise diversification. More income or rather additional income is adjudged as the major benefit derived by farmers who participate in crop enterprise diversification. The constraints that have major effect on crop diversification are inadequate farm size and lack of access to credit. It is the recommendations of this study that government should implement policies that will mitigate the challenges confronting crop enterprise diversification among smallholder crop farmers in the state.

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