Estimation of Equivalent Radaition Dose on Dumping Sites near Residential Area in Ojota, Lagos Nigeria

Ogungbemi Ezekiel, Makusota Habeeb


This project takes a look at the radiation dose emanating from Olososun dump site in Ojota, Lagos Nigeria. This was achieved using a radiation survey meter (RADEYE B20- ER) to measure the radiation dose exposure rate in micro Sievert per hour (μSvhr­­­­-1). Readings were taken by placing the survey meter 1meter above the ground level at five (5) different locations within the facilities, taking the readings while ascending and descending along the path of different locations. This was done at the interval of 5meters away from a point of reference up 20 meters. The result obtained shows that the equivalent dose rate measurement taken at the dump site are within the permissible limit to which humans can take. There is likely probability of this small dose of radiation to cause cancer in the nearest future after long term effect on people living in the area. Safety measure should be taken so as to reduce effects that could be arising in the nearest future.

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