Women Predicaments in Male patriarchal Society in ‘The Duchess of Malfi’

Aasif Rashid Wani


Every creature has its own importance on earth, but in human context we distinguished the things. Man is a social animal and they have to live in a society. There are certain rules and regulation which are implemented on human being on behalf of religion, color, caste or creed.  In the whole country male became the dominant character on female. Women were torched across the globe only an account of women. They have second position in the society, they accept it whole hearty, but they did not get social status in any community. They are trapped in tradition and custom like a prisoner in a solitary confinement. After birth and before marriage, they are under fathers dominances and after marriage the ‘sheltering tree’ becomes the dominant one.  Generally a male can do what he likes; he can act according to his own wish. Man has free will in developing an illegal relationship with any women, but when a female can do so people start criticizing on them.

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