Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Building under Blast Loading Using SAP 2000

S. Md. Abu Sofian, M.Mujahid Ahmed


Now-a-days terrorist attacks are expanding quickly everywhere throughout the world. They were assaulting the place like open spots, gather buildings, essential structure and so forth. So subsequently their future huge property loss, disappointment of close by structures and some human loss likewise will emerge if the assault is extreme one. The majority of the human loss is happening because of crumple of structures. So on the off chance that we figure out how to plan the structures to oppose the blasting or a blast we can ready to lessen the harm and just as the human loss moreover. So to plan the structure to oppose the blasting, first we should know how the structure or building is acting under the state of blasting or under the impact loading. To decide the conduct of structure we should know the loading parameters on the structure to break down. So the primary objective of this investigation is to decide the shoot loading on the structure and to decide the conduct of RC structure under that loading. With the goal that we can know, how the structure will carry on or can perform under blasting.

In this project work, the execution or conduct of a hundred feet structure under the impact loading is resolved. Two blast loads were considered to decide the conduct of 100 feet structure. The loads are of 5000lbs. These blast loads were detonated in various three standoff separations, said to be as 50, 100, and 150 feet's. At every standoff separate the conduct of structure is resolved under two touchy loads. The impact parameters were resolved according to the Army Corps of Engineers, Department of Defense, U.S. Air Force and Indian Code IS:4991-1968. The loading on the structure is dynamic in nature so the came about impact parameters which are resolved is given as the contribution for the structure in Time-History examination of SAP 2000. So thus we can decide the removals, increasing speed and speeds regarding comparing times, which are said to be as the execution of the structure.

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