Feminist Perspectives in the Novels of Bharati Mukherjee

Parvaiz Ahmad Bhat


It is well known that Bharati Mukherjee is a Third World Feminist writer whose preoccupation is particularly  to deal with the issues and problems related with the South Asian Women particularly India. Like her contemporary feminist writers she upholds the cause of women, but she differs from them because her basic concern is to delineate the problems of cross cultural conflicts faced by Indian women immigrants. This is evident by Tara Banerjee in ‘The Tiger’s Daughter’, Dimple in ‘Wife’, Jyothi in ‘Jasmine ‘and Devi in ‘Leave it to me’, three sisters-Padma, Parvathi and Tara in ‘Desirable Daughters’ and Tara in ‘The Tree Bride’. Bharathi Mukherjee’s heroines are bold an assertive. They have the strong potentiality for adaptability; they live in the firm ground of reality and accept the bitter truth of their live.


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