Water Quality Index and Correlation Analysis of Rumuogba, Woji, Slaughter, Elelenwo and Marine Base Rivers in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria

Owen Godpower, Nngeri Peace O. O., D. C. Okujagu


 This study was done to evaluate the surface water quality index and correlation analysis of five Rivers within Port Harcourt industrial area, which includes Rumuogba, Woji, Slaughter, Elenlewo and Marine Base. A total of nineteen parameters were analyzed, using standard procedures, for three different sample points, during the rainy and dry seasons. The results revealed the following: Mean temperature  27.20°C; mean pH 5.89; mean electrical conductivity (EC)  2345.16ms/cm; mean turbidity 56.55NTU; mean chloride 443.44 mg/L; mean sulphate 63.63 mg/L; mean nitrates 9.46; mean total hardness 224.69 mg/L; mean iron 0.57 mg/L; mean copper 0.31 mg/L; mean zinc 0.18 mg/L; mean chromium 0.04 mg/L; mean lead 0.10 mg/L; mean total dissolved solids 1519.13 mg/L; mean total coliform 934.20 MPN/ml; mean BOD 2.64 mg/L; mean dissolved oxygen 5.21 mg/L; mean chemical oxygen 85.47 mg/L. Water quality Index result was 28.68, indicating a bad water quality for all the Rivers sampled. and is supported by correlation analysis of very high positive correlation among temperature, pH, electrical conductivity, chloride, TDS, total hardness, nitrate, iron, copper, chromium, BOD supports the results of water quality index that the water from these Rivers is bad (polluted).

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