Reflecting the Management and Policing of Nigeria Election: An Issue for Governance and Development

Iliya Bawa, Adamu Mahmud Ibrahim, Ibrahim Kabiru Bashiru


Management of electoral violence by the police gives rises to Series of considerable issues. The lack of skills and illogical manner by which the security agencies perform this function in Nigeria has however often led to loss of live, injuries and destruction of property. The reciprocal suspicion by the citizens towards the police seriously complicates the involvement of the Nigeria police in the electoral process. The objective of  this study is so appraise the role of police in management of electoral process in order to achieve electoral integrity, good governance and administration. Contents analysis was adopted, themes relevant to the topic was developed, conceptual, empirical and theoretical review was made. Findings revealed that  the complex and fundamental chains in  the success and credibility of the electoral process is election security. No electoral management body can conduct successful election if the security environment is charged, pollute or violent. The study conclude that the climate of violence adds constraints to the actions of the security forces in the management of elections and weakened the security forces. The study recommended that the police should not under any circumstances involved directly in the actual process, they should avoid allegation of being partisan, it undermines the sanctity of the election.

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