Criteria For Prediction Of Complications In Pregnant Women With Antenatal Fetal Death

Gulchekhra Ikhtiyarova, Makhliyo Aslonova, Dilnoza Khafizova, Klichova Feruza Karimovna, Ashurova Nigora


Natural population growth in the Republic depends on the age structure of the population, which is characterized by low reproductive potential, which increases the relevance of the preservation of each desired pregnancy. In these circumstances, the main focus of the maternal health service should be the development of a system for the prevention of reproductive losses. Therefore, reproductive losses are considered as the final result of the impact of social, medical and biological factors on the health of women, the fetus and the newborn and lead not only to the loss of reproductive, labor, intellectual, defense capital of the country, but also to the loss of life potential of the population. 

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