“Constitutional Provisions for the Protection of Gender Inequality in India”



The aim of the present paper is to present the picture of gender inequality in India. Being the second largest democracy of the world India is very complex and diversified, and it is present in many ways, many fields and many sections of the society. The opportunities in the field like-education, political, social, economical, religious, employment etc. where men are always preferred over women. The second issue in the paper is discussing about the various practices that resulted in a wide gap between the position of men and women in the country. In India,  a woman still needs the richer of a husband and a family. Their dominating nature has led women to walk with their head down. It was all practiced from the beginning and is followed till date. Consider the woman’s reservation case in parliament. The opposing party believes that women are born to do household work and manage kids, and not to corrupt the country by taking hold over politics. What the society need today are trends where girls are able not only to break out of the culturally determined patterns of employment but also to offer advice about career possibilities that look beyond the traditional pail of jobs. It is surprising that in spite of so man laws, women still have miles to go. Thus, it is rightly said – Man and Woman are like two wheels of a carriage. The life of one without the other is incomplete.   

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