Surmounting the Phobia of Metaphysical and Hypothetical harassment of a text: An Exegetical and Magisterial Approach to Deconstruction

Shabir Ahmad Mir


The term “Deconstruction” has indeed become a cynosure of everyone’s eye, particularly to the students of English Language and Literature. It has twirled into a hullabaloo and has kept the students of Literature busy in discussing its subsistence. In the lyceum of literary theory, the term has metamorphosed into a dernier is a very abrasive term to follow and is looked upon as will-o-the wisp and a conceptual chimera. The teachers and experts of literary theory have fastened substantial knottiness and intricacy with this theory of deconstruction. This kind of approach on the part of teachers and experts is very frazzle and cataclysmic for the students who are fledglings in the field of Literary Theory.

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