Use of Products of the Fine Arts in Teachinghistory of Uzbekistan

Khaydarov Sulaymon Amirqulovich


One of important conditions of improvement of quality of education is inter-subject integration.This principles finds its realization in the teachin of history with works of fine art on a historical theme. The purpose of given article – to define technologies of training to a subject “History of Uzbekistan”, promoting efficiency of mastering of historical knowledge pupils of educational schools. In article pedagogical conditions of training of history on the basis of integration of subjects are revealed, kinds of fine products which can be used as illustration (it is reproductions of pictures, portraits, illustrations to works of art, ministures, products of monumental art, a sculpture) are considered. In the article the didactic function of fine materials art, helping to deepen students’ historical knowledge, to realize the objective laws of historical development, to form a national consciousness of students to develop interest in the study of history. The great value at an integrated approach has that fact that, along with enrichment of knowledge on history, pupils gain esthetic experience of perception of works of art.

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