Abu Yakub Sakkaki's Views on the Role of the Source Letters in Words in Arabic

Akmalkhon Akmalkhonov


In this article, one of the most sensitive and complicated aspects of the tasrif (formation of word) in Arabic language was scientifically investigated. This event is the starting point of the word in word formation. Creation of words in Arabic language is made up in a specific method of morphology. This morphological method is the basis of word formation and consists of two different combinations of letters. The 28 letters in the Arabic language are used as the original or lowercase letters. It can also be one letter of both types. The number of malicious letters is 10, and, as we have already said, they can participate as the original letter. These letter are: ء ل ي و م ت ن س ا ه . Complexity in making words is that additive letters comes as original. Knowing where additive letters come as original letter is essential concept in determining base letters of the word, to understand in which model of morphology, to understand which meanings cover this morphologic model. The article summarizes participation role of most actively used letters such as و(«vāv»),ل («lām»),م («mīm»),ن («nūn»), ه(haun),ء (hamza). These letters indicated in which way they are original and in which way they are additive. Thoughts about what meaning come when used additives. For the article has been used well-known and reliable sources of first medieval century.

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