Diversity Of Avain Fauna In F.R. Darzinda, Including Their Importance, Extinction And Their Safety Measures, In Dera Ismail Khan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (Kpk), Pakistan.

Minhas Naseer, Inayat- Ur-Rehman, Saifullah Khan, Shaukat Ali Khan, Khateeb Sherani


In a world of rapid anthropogenic land use, changes and declining biodiversity, there is an urgent need for understanding the state of biodiversity to aid management and conservation. In order to successfully manage land use in ways that is least harmful for biodiversity, it is vital to be able to identify habitats that are of most importance for biodiversity. In the present study the causes of extinction were noted in Darazinda. In our world, diversity of birds decreasing with the passage of time due to so many known and unknown factors, it has been discovered that the most important one is the deforestation. In the world total bird diversity is 9040 species in which 132 species are extinct now while hundreds have been declared threatened and endangered due to anthropogenic activities.

Same phenomena were observed in the present research in which the bird diversity alarmingly decreased with the passage of time and most of the birds face imminent extinction. The estimated data shows that there has been a disturbing 36% decrease in the bird population during the previous 10-15 years and the main factor has all through been deforestation. The research declared that if the deforestation and hunting are not stopped through strict measures then in the coming 10-15 years the burgeoning population explosion will add to the above and it is feared that diversity will be further decrease by 92% and most of the species will soon be extinct from the area of Sherani tribe. The total bird species in our area were 32 among including vultures which have vanished from the area while a few economically important birds are near extinction. The population of economically important birds has decreased more than the other birds and this sudden decrease can be blamed on deforestation but it was hunting as sport which played the key role in their alarming decrease, for they are a delicacy for the hunters and their delicious meat is eaten with relish. The population of some of the birds has suffered terrible decline and this includes Black Partridge whose numbers have decreased almost 80%, Alectorus chukor met a decrease 98%, Gray Partridge lost 70% its population and See-See Partridge fell to 40% decrease which is calamitous. To conserve bird diversity and also to maintain the population of the economically important birds, we must stop deforestation and hunting simultaneously. This is only possible if we adopt proper legislation to curb deforestation and hunting by punishing those who augment it and are thus responsible for it.

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