Design and Implementation Hi-Tech Agricultural Solar Fence Security with Soil Humidity Based Automatic Irrigation System and Voice Alert on PIR Live Human Detection

M. Kanimozhi, Ponugupati Hemalatha, Boorlagada Lakshmi Bhavani, Ms.Namburi Divyajyothi, Ms Marneni Lakshmi


Irrigation system in India has given a high priority in economic development. Many new concepts are being developed to allow agricultural automation to flourish and deliver its full potential. To take full advantage of these technologies, we should not just consider the implication of developing a new single technology but should look at the wider issues for complete development of a system. Implementation of Hi-tech Agricultural Solar Fence Security with soil Humidity Based Automatic irrigation system and voice alert on PIR live Human Detection is been implemented in this project for safe and secure agriculture irrigation. The project irrigation control using BCM2836 is designed to tackle the problems of agricultural sector regarding irrigation system with available water resources. Prolonged periods of dry climatic conditions due to fluctuation in annual precipitation, may appreciably reduce the yield of the cultivation. The expenses in establishing many of these crops and their relative intolerance to drought make an effective irrigation system a necessity for profitable enterprises. In this project we are using BCM2836, Moisture sensors, AC submersible pump, relay driver. A submersible motor will get switched ON /OFF depending on the soil moisture condition and status of motor can be displayed on 16X2 LCD. This motor will be operated using RF communication. Whenever the dry condition is detected then the motor goes to on condition. Level Sensor is used to indicate the level of water. If water level is LOW or HIGH it will give the buzzer indication. Here we are utilizing solar energy to charge the battery

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