Under A Heap of Dust They Buried Her ‘Cage'- Tragic, But No More

Manali Balhara


Women,  like  men, are  subject  to  many of  the  same disciplinary  practices  that  Michael Foucault  describes. But  he  is blind to those forms of  subjection  that  engender  the  feminine body  perpetuating  the  silence  and  powerlessness  of  those  upon  whom  these  disciplines  have  been  imposed  ( Sandra  Lee  Bartky 27). This  is  similar  to  burying  the  already  ‘caged’  in  a  heap  of  dust  in  order  to  avoid  visibility, this  is  tragic  but  for how  long  can They [they] bury  the  very  essence  of  women?  This  paper  attempts  to  trace  the  struggle  against  such  tragic  entrapment  of  the  female  self  amidst  literature  and  life.

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