Identified the Factors Affecting Absenteeism of Nurses in Allied Hospital Faisalabad

Muhammad Asim Shahzad, Khalid Jamil, Rana Faizan Gul


Absenteeism is a usual pattern of absence from a duty or responsibility. Usually, absenteeism is considered as an indication of person poor performance. Like other absentee occupations, it is considered a double issue in care. Absent is a big problem the nurse should face in her daily work. It not only affects patient care, but it also affects ethics, staffing, and morality. The effect of stopping doctor on patient care is that the patient will be neglected. A survey shows that if absentee increases daily, it will be a problem for healthcare providers as well as for medical professionals. Firstly factors effecting absenteeism of nurses. Secondly, the nature of study to analyze the factors effecting the absenteeism of nurses. Thirdly, finding from this study may help the administration of hospital to make the different policies to minimize the absenteeism of nurses. Finally, this study may provide the foundation for the further studies in the same area. In this study a descriptive cross sectional study design was used. A close ended questionnaire was used as a research tool. Convenient sampling technique was used. Data was analyzed on SPSS 20 version. Staff absenteeism is a growing management concern. It can contribute to sickness absence, staffing instability, work overload and job dissatisfaction that could have a negative impact on patient care. The rate of absenteeism can be reduced by productive management, and loyal leadership. It will not only reduce absenteeism rate but also improve quality of care toward the patients. In return of good performance nurses need appraisal.

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