Study of In Vitro Drug Release Profiles of Time-controlled Penta-layered Nanofiber Meshes

Syeda Umi Zahra


Electrospinning was initiated to fabricate time-controlled penta-layered nanofiber meshes which could show a multiphasic drug release. The drug ratio in each nanofiber mesh was kept persistent and each polymer content was electrospun at already determined time intervals. The drug release interval can be controlled by adjusting spinning time of each mesh. XRD and FTIR studies have been conducted to
identify the state of drug and polymers, and also the chemical interactions between them respectively. In-vitro drug release profiles demonstrate that nanofiber meshes with distinct penta-layered morphological structure are capable of multiphasic drug release. Such type of time-controlled drug release system can provide a platform for the development of novel structures that can be used as multiphasic drug release

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