Prepaid Energy Meter Using GSM Module

Ayyagari Sai Ramya, Vedula Sai Sruti, Beri Bharathi, Gulla Balaji, Pappala Vasanth Kumar


Electric energy is the most important concern in any country, which should be used efficiently, to improve the efficiency, advanced technologies must be penetrated in the electric energy systems. Due to defective subsystems, there may be a losses in utilities due to illegal access to power. As power theft also in adequate usage of energy, non-payment of bills, and distortions occurring in power quality. Due to advancement in technology many solutions are proposed to overcome losses and improve efficiency. One of the solutions is to make use of smart energy meter and management system. The aim of this project is to reduce the waiting time at billing counters and also restricting the energy meter usage if the bills are not paid. This project is designed using ARDUINO UNO and GSM technology. This GSM technology facilitates the consumer with receiving messages about power consumption and also reminds about payment of dues.

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