SCADA integrated and power system distribution automation

V Rama Krishna, K Rajesh Kumar


Electrical Grid we have is more than 50 years old. The integration of information technology to the electric grid system is expected to address many shortcomings of the current and traditional electrical grids that have resulted in Smart Grid which is gaining lot of interest and momentum. In Smart Grid, Power Distribution is one part which requires monitoring and control. Lot of technologies and have been applied in Smart grid towards sensing and action. Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system is very well proven within the substation region. There has been very less monitoring done on the distribution side due to the geographical distribution. Currently, Internet of Things has paved way for connecting huge number of devices to the Internet which would be very much effective and beneficial for power distribution and Automation. So accordingly, an IoT based SCADA integrated with Fog for Distribution Automation system has been proposed which takes care of the consumer utilization, outage management, power quality control and pole transformer health. This is supported by fog computing which does real-time streaming analytics. This helps in reducing the internet bandwidth and latency for immediate control action.

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