Mechanical comparison and statistical study of metallic and plastic material used in industry

H. Ouaomar, R. Ghanim, M. Lahlou, N. Mouhib


Hence the interest of the present work which is firstly the mastery of mechanical behavior of plastic and metallic material to improve and optimize the mechanical characteristics of the two materia(ABS material and P265GH steel material), another characterization approach was considered in this paper; it is a statistical study of Student that allows the selection of the most reliable results with a risk threshold of 10% for the both types of materials. On the other hand, a Weibull statistical study is carried out to extract the Weibull elements and subsequently define the reliability theory and damage of Weibull.

As result of this study, the maximum stress of the studied material of steel is significantly higher than that of ABS, it is also noticed that P265GH steel material have a high specific energy in elastic phase

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