Deformation of Threads In The Course Of Spinning

G.B. Abdieva, Sh. O. Khudainazarov, T. Mavlanov


As show researches of force of inertia rotating and it is longitudinal a moving thread, and also aerodynamic forces influence size of tension of a thread. If the tension reaches the size equal to explosive effort of thread, it breaks. Therefore with the thread having weakened sections, it is necessary to limit sizes of kinematic parameters of the mechanism so that the dynamic component of tension depending on sizes of angular speed and speed of longitudinal movement did not overbalance certain size.

          For maintenance of normal technological process of winding of a thread it is necessary to reel up a thread tense, and the size of this tension influences density of winding of a thread in packing. Depending on it kinematic parameters of let-off, outlet and intermediate moving of a thread should be set.

          As a whole, for the analysis strength properties of threads in the course of spinning, it is necessary to consider thread movement in twisting and builder mechanisms in parts where kinematic and power influences on a thread are various therefore the complete dynamic picture of mechanical system with a thread turns out.

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