A Transcriptomic Method to determine Airway immune dysfunction in T2-High and T2-Low Asthama

Khadhim Ahmed Khadhim Alhamad, A. Krishna Satya


Although a large number of studies of asthma had been conducted, the etiology of childhood asthma is not yet established. In this review, we examine whether Type 2 inflammation modifies airway function to make patients more susceptible to asthma exacerbations. The best data supporting a role for Type 2 inflammation in asthma exacerbations come from clinical trials of inhibitors of Type 2 inflammation in asthma.  Type-2 (T2) inflammation drives airway dysfunction in many asthma patients, yet a comprehensive understanding of the airway immune cell types and networks that sustain this inflammation is unknown. Moreover, defects in the airway immune system in asthmatics without T2 inflammation are not established.  Every day asthma reportedly results in 40,000 missed school or work days, 30,000 asthma attacks, 5,000 emergency room visits, 1,000 hospital admissions, and 11 deaths.

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