People deprived of Iraqi nationality, a historical study on a nationality's problems (1924-1990)

Alaa Jalil Ebid Shamry, Prof. Yahiya ma'amory


For long periods, several categories of Iraqi society deprived of the rights of citizenship and nationality.  In some cases, various Iraqi governments vindictively and politically apply the Iraqi citizenship.  The migration of many of the families Kurds to various countries of the world was because of political and social persecution.- A foreigner, who has Iraqi citizenship, has more rights in Iraqi than citizens living inside it.  Iraqi citizenship shall be granted to the Arab who has lived in Iraq for Six months, while the Iraqi residents since 1914 until the beginning of the 21st century was denied his Iraqi nationality;  because of his name or the name of his family may have a foreign ancestries.. There is a gap between the earlier Law of Iraq and the Iraqi Nationality Law; as the Iraqi constitution defined the Iraqi, as the person, who lived in Iraq before the general war by ten years, which means that the Iraqi, i.e. before 1894; according to that, many Iraqi politicians, include king Faizel, may not be authentic Iraqi. The Iraqi Nationality Law fought the Iranian dependence, while acknowledging and admitting the Ottoman dependency; nevertheless, the two dependencies are not different, both of them occupied Iraq for many years.

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