Automatic White Board Cleaner Using Arduino

Nali Dinesh Kumar, Pragna Reddy Yellakonda, Srija Reddy Thummalapally, Amkamgari Namitha


In recent years whiteboard has become a acute aspect at about every educational institute. They are ample in size, for that acumen it is actual time arresting and annoying action to abolish the writings from the lath with besom manually. It break absorption of both advisers and listeners. Automated Whiteboard Cleaner can break these problems. Automated whiteboard cleaner will abate the time and as well the effort. This cardboard represents the architecture and architecture of automated whiteboard cleaner.The adjustment consists of Arduino UNO microcontroller, disciplinarian module, dc accessory motor, arbor and adhere mechanism, supports, and a cleaner bar to accord that an automation figure. If the about-face is on, it moves beyond the abounding amplitude of the lath and its administration is antipodal automatically in adjustment to apple-pie the board. So, this “Automatic Whiteboard Cleaner” is a abundant backup of “duster” and it can be appropriate to use this to abate the accomplishment of the lath user as able-bodied as to acquaint the classroom with an automation system.

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