Theory and Practice of Teaching Foreign Languages

Pidaeva Shahnoza Bahtiyarovna, Agzamova Zamira Izzatullaevna, Xidirova Zuhra Polatovna, Islamova Guzal Tulkunovna, Abdullaeva Zahro Shodmanqulovna


The article deals with the problem of reliance on the native language. The transition from one language to another, from a psychological point of view, is in the most General case a change of rules for the transition from the program to its implementation. This transition cannot, of course, be implemented immediately in a fundamental way, that is, by simultaneously and simultaneously switching the old rules to the new ones. A person is not able to speak a foreign language at once. He must pass through the stage of indirect foreign language proficiency. The mediating link is a system of rules for the implementation of the program, speaking in the native language. In the future, this system of rules is increasingly reduced.



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