Automatic Navigation System Using Collision Prevention Technique

Subham Mukherjee, Rahul Kumar, T. Saravanan


In this paper, we are going to discuss about the recent technological advancements that has been used in the maritime navigation system. We have used unmanned surface vehicles (USVs) which operates on the surface of the water without any crew. These USVs are made to run along with other manned and unmanned vehicles by using certain obstacle detection technique. This way we can safely avoid collision from other vessels in the sea. A tactical move, or series of moves has to be made to maintain strategic situation. In maritime navigation systems, ships need to follow International Regulation for preventing collision at seas known as COLREGS, for COLlision REGulationS. These rules specify the type of move that has to be taken in the situations where there is a risk of collision.


Prevention Technique; Navigation System Using Collision

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