A Study on Employee Motivation in Reliance Hr Services Private Ltd at Hyderabad

Dr. S. Vijaya Lakshmi


Motivated employees are the biggest assets of an organization. Employees are becoming the competitive advantages for business in the modern world. No matter how much technology and equipment on organization has, these things cannot be fully utilized until people who have been motivated guide them. Think for a minute of an organization with the abundance of resources but a work force is not willing to exploit its capabilities to fullest due to lack of motivation, where will these organization head for? Obviously, towards decline. Bad employees fail the business. The purpose of motivation is to create conditions in which people are willing to work with zeal, initiative, interest and enthusiasm, with a high personal and group more  satisfaction, with sense of responsibility, and discipline and with pride and confidence in a most cohesive manner so that the goals of an organization are achieved effectively. I have adopted both methods namely primary and secondary for collecting the data. Information regarding motivation has been collected through publications like human capital and available old literature forms the sources of secondary data for the study.

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