Studies on the Complex compounds of Transition Metals with Iso-nicotinic acid Hydrazide

Sharat Chandra


The complex compounds of isonicotinic acid hydrzide (C6H7ON3) with Ni (II), Cu (II), Fe (III) and CO (II) of type [ML2 (H2O)2 SO4 and with PD (II) of type [ML2]Cl2 have been prepared and characterized on the basis of elemental analysis as IR, UV and magnetic studies. The Ni (II), Fe (II) and CO (II)-complexes were found to be paramagnetic and octahedral, Cu (II)- complex was also paramagnetic but distorted octahedral, while Pd (II)-complex was found to be square planar and diamagnetic. Mycobacterial study of complexes showed Cu (II), Fe (II) and CO (III)-complexes to be poor inhibitory, while Ni (II) and Pd (II)-complexes inactive as whole

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