Data Integrity Checking with File Sharing and Providing Privacy from Auditors



The advent of the cloud computing makes storage outsourcing becomes a rising trend that promotes the secure remote data auditing a hot topic that appeared within the analysis literature. Recently some analysis contemplates the problem of secure and economical public information integrity auditing for shared dynamic information. However, these schemes area unit still not secure against the collusion of cloud storage server and revoked cluster users throughout user revocation in practical cloud storage system. During this paper, we have a tendency to discover the collusion attack within the exiting theme and supply associate economical public integrity auditing theme with secure cluster user revocation primarily based on vector commitment and verifier-local revocation cluster signature. We style a concrete theme supported our theme definition. Our theme supports the general public checking and economical user revocation and additionally some nice properties, like with confidence, efficiency, count ability and traceability of secure cluster user revocation. Finally, the security and experimental analysis show that compared with its relevant themes our scheme is additionally secure and economical.

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