Numerical Analysis of Heat Transfer of Photovoltaic Panel

Md. Khaja Hussain, Dr. V. P. Venkataramana Murthy, G. Satish Kumar


Starting from the model of a photovoltaic (PV) this article presents a real photovoltaic module with modeling and simulations cell. P-V,V-I,P-I and characteristics are simulated for different temperatures, series resistances, solar irradiation, and parallel resistances. For areal photovoltaic module (ALTIUS Module AFP-235W)there are estimated parallel and series resistances for which the energetical performances of the module have optimal values for a solar radiation of 1000W/m2 and a temperature of the environment of 25oC. Using the finite element method, temperature influence over the PV module performances is analyzed by a thermal model of the ALTIUS Module AFP-235W. A temperature variation on the surface of the PV module is starting from a low value 40.15oCtoahighvalueof52.07oC. Power estimation and current and are within the errors from 1.55% to about 4.3%. For an entire day light, experimental data are measured for the photovoltaic ALTIUS Module AFP-235W.

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