Bits to Color Image Spin Cryptography for Secure Data Transmission In Cloud Databases

Mrs. Punya Jyothi Vemula, Mr. Suresh Chanamala


Digital signatures enable the "authentication" and non-repudiation‖ of digital messages, assuring the recipient of a digital message of both the identity of the sender and the integrity of the message. As Attribute based encryption is better than Identity based encryption in terms of security I have selected ABE for Encryption. But in ABE third trusted party supplies  keys. So to avoid third party ,I have selected quantum Mechanics for key generation and distribution  to improve  security in the cloud. The problem is that when cloud service providers provide service that time might be hacker hacked username and Password. For Prevent this problem we implement the concept of digital Signature. Our proposing scheme is based on generating the image from the text that we want to send securely and spinning the text based quantum QU bit approach as a base. This means no additional data is added to the initial text it is just a change in its format so that we can send it safely. This may be done using different image formats starting with grayscale images to 24 bits. The most important advantage in our proposed cryptographic technique is that it does not require an additional image to hide the text beneath it, besides it has a small size and very fast in comparison with other techniques.

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