A novel method for secure sharing of PHR data in cloud



The Personal Health Record (PHR) is an emerging framework of health information exchange, which is often stored at cloud servers. But there are still various privacy problems as personal health information could be discovered to unauthorized people. To guarantee the patients control over to their own PHRs, it is a method to encrypt the PHRs before storing on cloud. But still issues such as risks of privacy, efficiency in key administration, flexible access and efficient user administration, have still remained the important challenges toward achieving better, cryptographically imposed data access control. ABE. This paper we proposes a methodology called SeSPHR for secure sharing of the PHRs in the cloud. The SeSPHR scheme ensures patient-centric control on the PHRs and preserves the confidentiality of the PHRs. The patients store the encrypted PHRs on the un-trusted cloud servers and selectively grant access to different types of users on different portions of the PHRs. A semi-trusted proxy called Setup and Re-encryption Server (SRS) is introduced to set up the public/private key pairs and to produce the re-encryption keys. Moreover, the methodology is secure against insider threats and also enforces a forward and backward access control. Furthermore, we formally analyze and verify the working of SeSPHR methodology through the High Level Petri Nets (HLPN).

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