cryptcloud+: Expressive, Efficient and Revocable Data Access Control for Cloud Storage

Suresh Kumar Potnuru, Raja Jacob Chidipi


Cipher text-Policy Attribute-Based Encryption(CP-ABE) is viewed as a standout amongst the most encouraging systems that might be utilized to secure the assurance of the service. Be that as it may ,the utilization of CP-ABE may yield an unavoidable security rupture which is known as the misuse of access credential (i.e. decryption right). In this paper, we examine the two primary instances of access credential abuse: one is on the semi-trusted authority side, and the other is in favour of cloud client. To relieve the misuse, we propose revocable CP-ABE based cloud storage framework with explicit revoking, timed data accessing and multiple auditing abilityreferred asCloud. Additionally, present the security investigation and further show the utility of framework.

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