New Association Proposition for Role implicit in Cloud Environment

Pallepogu Anitha, G.Anantha Rao


Cloud computing has become a preferred service supplier for information technology on the users demands resources can be provided there over internet. Virtualization is a central innovation for empowering cloud resource sharing. Confidentiality of data storage is the essential alarm for assurance of data security so cloud computing does not provide robust data privacy.  We are addressing a main issue of cloud computing that is load balancing this paper is describing about the load balancing issue in cloud computing is providing an approach to for enhancing the load distribution process. In this exploration we tended to the difficulties in fulfilling of cloud computing environment regarding security hazard implementation strategies on cloud computing environment and comparison of different cloud computing architecture through comparative study In developed virtual machine migration plan, uses monitored technique the load on every host in the data center to decide whether or not to perform VM migration and then we established the criteria to deciding which VM to migrate. we explained different algorithms and techniques proposed for Virtual Machine Scheduling either at single data centre or multiple data center. Our implementation shows a better result of resource prediction accuracy with low cost and less time consuming than previous approaches. It not only increases the efficiency of virtual machines, also improves the performance of the system.

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