Improve The Capabilities Of E-Commerce Using Web Mining Techniques

Yin Myo Kay Khine Thaw, Khin Myat Nwe Win


Web mining is the application of data mining methodologies and techniques to discover and extract useful and interesting information from the World Wide Web(WWW). Web mining is used to know customer behavior, evaluate the effectiveness of a particular Web site, and help quantify the success of a marketing operation. Web is one of the largest sources of information, collection of many files stored in different web servers and its size is also growing rapidly. E-Commerce also not only keep your business up and running but also make it hard to view in the competitive world of e-business. E-commerce has provided a cost efficient and effective way of doing business in the web. The main purpose of this paper is to study about the information of web mining in e-commerce and the improve the capabilities of e-commerce applications using Web mining techniques.

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