Importance Of Software Testing In Software Development Life Cycle

Mithelesh Parihar, Dr. Anu Bharti


In every organization, testing is the most vital and precious stage in the software development life cycle. However, the way it is carried out differs from one organization to another. Software testing has become the part of development and it is better to start testing from the initial stages, in order to avoid difficulty by correcting the bug at the last stage. The importance of testing in software development life cycle is to improve reliability, performance and other important factors, which may define under SRS (software requirement specification). Customer can wait more for software release, but they don't like to work with defected software. Software development life cycle (SDLC) is an integral part of any software application development. Testing has a lot of influence in SDLC. In this chapter I will discuss the importance of software testing in different stages of SDLC.

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