Study of Informed Searching Algorithm for Finding the Shortest Path

Wint Aye Khaing, Kyi Zar Nyunt, Thida Win, Ei Ei Moe


While technological revolution has active role to the increase of computer information, growing computational capabilities of devices, and raise the level of knowledge abilities, and skills. Increase developments in science and technology. In city area traffic the shortest path finding is very difficult in a road network. Shortest path searching is very important in some special case as medical emergency, spying, theft catching, fire brigade etc. In this paper used the shortest path algorithms for solving the shortest path problem. The shortest path can be single pair shortest path problem or all pairs shortest path problem. Search problems can be classified by the amount of information that is available to the search process. This paper discuss briefly the shortest path algorithms such as Dijkstra's algorithm, Bellman-Ford algorithm, Floyd- Warshall algorithm, Johnson's algorithm, Greedy best first Search, A* Search algorithm, Memory-bounded heuristic search, Hill-climbing search, Simulated annealing search and Local beam search.

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