Investigation Of Successive Design Form Of Precast Beam For Cost Effective Buildings



It should not be puzzling to have 55% of the Indian population lack proper housing facilities, there is a great need to develop lower cost housing at a much faster rate so that people wouldn’t have to stay in unsafe houses. This project looks at different methods of low cost housing and some case studies relating to it. This study is also an endeavour to investigate structurally safe and economical forms of precast beam. Hence a new plane truss forms of precast beam is investigated and compared to the practicing space truss form of precast beam. The new model, though it has relatively shorter length of span for the similar sizes of bar, it is found reducing the cost by around 25% and mass (weight) of the beam by 33% for relatively similar span lengths. This type beam can be be used in many different types of structures, the precast fabrication allows us to reduce production costs and the ease and swiftness of installation reduces labour and time associated costs. The aim here is to develop the precast concrete beam that would reduce the cost and time in producing low cost affordable housing for all.

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