Manufacture of Tiles using Waste Plastic and River Sand

Yomiyu Reta, Shivakumar Mahto


Tiles are one of building materials which used as covers for roofs, floors and walls. Different types of tiles are available on market now day, which is costly. Tile can be classified based on the materials they manufactured like, ceramic, porcelain, and etc. waste plastics are also one of the tile producing material. Now a day’s solid waste management is one of the major environmental concerns and waste utilization has become an attractive alternative to disposal. So, the objective of this study is to produce a tile from waste plastic by both data collection method i.e. primary and secondary data source. Three sample for each group were prepared and the sampling techniques is purposive sample. Different test are tested in laboratory such as absorption and Moisture content of the tile and the properties of the ingredients also been assessed. The materials used for preparing samples were waste pet plastic and sand. These materials were tested for moisture content, fineness modulus, unit weight, water absorption and compressive strength test for the tile production, it has been varied with 20%, 30% and 40% replacement and gained 25mp, 23.5mpa and 18.2mpa respectively. The 20% replaced achieved maximum compressive strength and it is the best optimum bleeding percentage. 30% were the most economical sample type. The samples prepared also proved that the usage of waste pet plastic will reduce the impact on the environment.

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