Regression and Statistical Analysis of Metal Removal Rate in EDM of Tool Steel

Waqass S. Khudhier, Saad k. Shather, Shukry H. Aghdeab


  The present work is aimed to find out the mathematical models which describe the relationships between independent and dependent parameters, also to estimate the impact of independent parameters on the Metal Removal Rate (MRR). Concerning the process of electrical discharge machining (EDM). In this study, the used workpiece material is the A2-Tool Steel material, while the electrode material is copper. The influence of independent parameters could be identified via Response surface methodology (RSM), these independent parameters include: pulse current, pulse on time, and pulse off time. It has been noticed that model adequacy is acceptable because of the coefficient of determination is (97.37%) for MRR, whereas the highest percentage of error between experimental and predicted data is (10.375%).

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