Design & Analysis of Mono Composite Leaf Spring for Four Wheeler Light Weight Vehicles

S. Raghuvaran, Pedamuthevi Vijayanand


The  suspension  system  is  used  to  isolate  the  chassis  from  the  shock  loads  due  to Irregularities of the road surface.  This must be handled without impairing the stability, Steering or general handling of the vehicle.  Suspension system for the cab is placed between the chassis using bolts.  The  loads  coming  from  the  floor  and  the  chassis  are  taken  by  the suspension.

The model is designed in Creo and translated to Ansys  16.0.  The model is simplified in  Ansys  by  using  the  preprocessor.  Constraint equations  and  couples  are  used  to  connect  various  regions  of  the  suspension  system. The loads are applied on the top flange of the suspension system.

Static  analysis  is  made  to  study  the  deflection  of  the  suspension  system. Modal analysis is  made  to  check  the  natural  frequencies.  Harmonic  analysis  is  also  done  to  plot various  graphs  between  frequency  and  amplitude. 


Results and discussions are made from the results obtained from the Ansys and conclusions are given and scope for future work is also given.

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